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Avocados (sliced)
May 09

The Ketogenic Diet — An Introduction


When I publish my next book entitled, The Champagne & Chocolate Diet, it will sit on the best seller list for at least 9 months and bring me millions and millions of dollars. Ya think? You see, I’ve written about diets, and I’ve written about diets. I’ve even developed a diet, which, though I made no […]

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May 01

Self-Defense Basics for Women


Editor’s Note: In any discussion of health and wellness, if we fail to mention injuries and deaths caused by violence of any sort, we are not doing our jobs. A recent Surgeon General, Dr Vivek Murthy took a stand thusly, “What I’ve said before is what I believe now — which is gun violence is […]

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Painting by William Hahn: Going Home
Aug 31

We Are Pioneers


We were first on the web in the mid nineties. We’ve kept our promises and maintained our integrity ever since then even when it’s cost us thousands of dollars. We’re here to stay.

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