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Blue Green Algae - Spirulina
Aug 13

Algae & Inflammation Studies


1.       Romay C, Armesto J, Remirez D, Gonzalez R, Ledon N, Garcia I. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of C-phycocyanin from blue-green algae. Inflamm Res.1998;13(1):36–41. doi: 10.1007/s000110050256. [PubMed] [Cross Ref] 2.      da Matta CB, de Souza ET, de Queiroz AC, de Lira DP, de Araujo MV, Cavalcante-Silva LH, de Miranda GE, de Araujo-Junior JX, Barbosa-Filho JM, de Oliveira Santos BV. et […]

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Aug 08

Stubborn Hypertension

Cardiovascular Care , Miscellaneous

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t bring down your blood pressure. But if you are over 60, perhaps you should know that the new guidelines for blood pressure (from the famous SPRINT Study [Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trail]) tell us that 150/90 is the new normal. You can read more about this […]

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Jul 25

Reprieve and Other Shorts


Own a handmade copy of original works by your author, editor, chief cook, and bottle-washer, David Bonello. First off, if you like the writing at our website, and you are unafraid of the unusual (they’re not all unusual, just sometimes a bit twisted), you’re going to enjoy this collection of short stories. We know this, […]

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Hot Mocha Coffee
May 11

Another Keto Mocha


Another mocha. We’re still testing it to see if it hardens in the fridge, but like most good mocha additions, it’s best to warm them before adding them to your coffee anyway. And there are a few options.

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May 10

Keto Creamer


Even if you’re not on a diet, this is a great low carb creamer with MCT oils, guaranteed to lift your energy and not stick to your fat cells. That’s what MCT oils do. And this is dairy free and vegan friendly. Ingredients 2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk ½ Cup MCT oil 1 Cup Swerve […]

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Avocados (sliced)
May 09

The Ketogenic Diet — An Introduction


When I publish my next book entitled, The Champagne & Chocolate Diet, it will sit on the best seller list for at least 9 months and bring me millions and millions of dollars. Ya think? You see, I’ve written about diets, and I’ve written about diets. I’ve even developed a diet, which, though I made no […]

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