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Chicken Palak
May 22

Chicken/Shrimp Palak


First you must make the Saag, or spinach sauce (and there’s a great variation too using kale and rainbow chard): Saag/Palak Ingredients: Saag/Palak (click to see the recipe) Chicken or Shrimp (See below for a Seafood Option) Garlic (chopped or smashed) Celtic Sea Salt Cayenne Pepper Butter or Ghee or Coconut Oil Black Rice Directions First […]

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Apr 15

Whole Food Signatures


The following piece is posted all over the web and constantly forwarded by emailers from Singapore to Guam and from Russia to the USofA. Nowhere, is this piece critically examined. It’s author, Anonymous, has somehow avoided even the slightest rational analysis, as every web site upon which I’ve found this seems to just publish it […]

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