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May 12
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Binaural Beats were discovered in 1839 by a Prussian physicist andHeinrich Wilhelm Dove meteorologist, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. [ref]

From the name, you find “bi” meaning two, and “aural” which is related to the ear, or hearing. And the word beat, in this case, is ambiguous. It’s just a tone (however it got its name, we don’t know).

One tone is played in one ear, a slightly different tone is played in the other, and what the brain actually hears is bizarre. Truly bizarre. I’ve listened to many examples that produced some very strange sounds. For example, I found one example of two, regular tones, very similar, just nice, steady tones. But when you hear them together, there was a vibrato in the sound, a wa-wa-wa-wa-wa effect that shocked me. There are links below to sample these sounds.

The modern genius behind therapy with binaural beats todayDr Jeffrey D Thompson is Dr Jeffrey Thompson, a chiropractor. In the eighties, he employed sound frequencies to align the spines and cranial bones of his patients, normalize organ function, and balance acupuncture meridians.

Using “frequencies” is nothing new. Royal Rife cured cancer in the thirties using frequencies. That’s why he’s no longer alive.

Dr Thompson is a genius, and he’s really only the first to actually study the effects of his frequencies. Everyone else in the business has “borrowed” from his research. He’s collaborated with Deepak Chopra, created self-help tapes with Louise Hay, and even worked with NASA, where he captured plasma-wave audio recordings from Voyager I and II and then . . .

. . . researched their effects on the subconscious mind for healing and emotional release. [ref]

His list of credits goes on. He is the big daddy of healing with sound in the world, or as one site put it: “Dr. Thompson is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of brainwave entrainment frequencies incorporated into musical sound tracks.” [ref]

Remember that phrase: brainwave entrainment frequencies, because these are the tones that will take you to places reserved in the past for Buddhist monks who studied and meditated for 20-some years to get there. You can get there in an evening because of Dr Thompson’s work.


Now meet Bill Harris. He’ll tell you he invented/created HoloSync®. Not quite. He created the name and put together the CDs, tapes, and MP3s. Bill is not a scientist. He’s a marketer. He’s created a very expensive set of CDs that I paid nearly a thousand dollars for when I was first researching binaural beats.

His program had a whole bunch of CDs and they all sounded the same. There was rain and a bell, and rain and then that bell would ring, and continual rain and that damn bell again! Basically it all drove me nuts. I woke up one night thinking I was a duck. I guess I’d had a “quack-up.”

The continuous rain just grated at my nerves after a while, and there was no 1 year money back guarantee back then.

I don’t know what the program is today or how he’s improved it. But there are others out there doing the same thing if you wish to explore, and I will tell you about the programs I’ve liked. In the meanwhile, you might want to put some headphones on and go to the following links for samples. You must have headphones (or ear buds). The brain entraining effect does not work without them, although you can hear some strange intertwining of two different sounds without earphones/earbuds.

Dr Jeffrey Thompson – Pacific Surf with Theta Brainwaves // Binaural Beats // Relaxation

Search Query on YouTube for Demonstrations of Binaural Beats

Lots and Lots of Examples of Binaural Beats on YouTube

Again, these recordings will not entrain your brain without headphones or earbuds.

And once again, what these sounds are doing is entraining the brain to enter meditative states, no matter how well you are able to meditate. People who tell me they can’t meditate eventually get back to me with, “Wow.”

Introduction to Healing With Binaural Beats

A quick path to peace and well-being.

We get a lot of letters here, and one subject we get often is: I CAN’T MEDITATE!

Our society runs at a ridiculous pace. The American Dream has become a nightmare. Most families have both parents working full time, and far too many have to maintain two jobs. Finding a peaceful space (or time) to meditate is difficult. Trying to clear one’s mind seems impossible. This is where binaural beats come in.

As you read this, your brain is sending the words you see through your brain in electrical impulses. The speed at which these impulses travel is called frequency. Brain frequencies are measured in cycles per second, or hertz.

Let’s take a look at these frequencies:

  • Delta: 0-4Hz
    In the Delta state, you are in a profoundly deep sleep. The Delta phase serves as regenerative state.
  • Theta: 4-8Hz
    This is a trance state. If you’ve ever seen someone staring off into nowhere (or have done it yourself), then you know the Theta phase. It is our most creative state. Our thoughts are visual or emotional, rather than linguistic or, as some would say, rational.
  • Alpha: 8-12Hz
    When you open your eyes and passively view your surroundings, without much thinking, just observing, you are at the Alpha state. When you listen, you simply listen. The moment you stray and start thinking of other things, you return to the Beta phase (active state).
  • SMR: 12-16Hz
    When you are doing things automatically without thinking, you are in the SMR phase. Driving a car is mostly done in this phase. Most of the time you don’t have to think about how to steer or use the accelerator or clutch. Only when you reach an intersection or a stop light do you have to think about what you are doing. Or, of course, should you suddenly find yourself sliding on ice, your brain kicks in high gear, and you reach the Beta phase. Professional dancers, skaters, and musicians often perform their art in this state. The rest of us have to think about what we’re doing.
  • Beta: 16-20Hz
    This is your active thought state. We study, learn, and plan in the Beta phase. Pick up a pencil and add a group of numbers, and the Beta phase kicks in.

It is possible to alter your brain frequencies. We do this by finding a quiet place and entering a meditative state. However, as most report to me, they just can’t do it.

In meditation, we try to focus on nothing. Many techniques tell you to focus on your breathing. When something comes into your mind, acknowledge it, push it to the side, and continue to focus on your breathing.

Meditation slows the brain waves and synchronizes both hemispheres. (Yes, one side can be running at a different frequency than the other.) When you reach a state of consciousness where the Theta phase takes over and both hemispheres are in sync, you reach a place of peace and well-being.

However, many people tell me they just cannot do this. The moment they sit down and begin to breathe and center, thoughts of taking the kids to the dentist, getting to the supermarket, the laundry in the basket, a meeting with the PTA, or an upcoming holiday just begin to bombard them.

Binaural Beats to the Rescue!

Binaural Beats will synchronize both hemispheres of the brain at a desired frequency by playing audio patterns or tones. Binaural means “two tones.” All mammals are binaural, in that we have two ears.

The secret behind the recordings is that, using earphones, one ear gets one tone, while the other gets another, but the brain hears a third tone created by the two combining. And it doesn’t really hear them, since some frequencies are below our hearing capability. But the frequency created by the two does register.

For example: if a pure tone of 400 Hz is presented to one ear and a pure tone of 410 Hz is presented simultaneously to the other ear, a wave of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones, is experienced.

I say “experienced” because we cannot hear tones below 20 Hz.

The “experience” if accepted by the individual (you) can take your brain to a wonderful place.

If you have earphones and can hook them up to your computer, I have a really neat demonstration for you to hear. Ear buds will work too. They will play a frequency in one ear, then one in another, and then together. The amazing thing is the tone the brain hears is a fluctuating “wawa” sound. If you haven’t already done this demonstration above, try it now:

Oh, and one more thing. You can get the “wawa” sound without using earphones in this demonstration. It’s when we get down to the tones below 20 Hz that you’ll need the earphones. Again, your ears won’t actually hear the tones, but your brain will, and it will go into the different phases (delta, theta) listed above and bring you to a special place.

All the CDs created by many, many companies aim at bringing you deeply into the Theta or Delta states.

While first using the CDs, others with whom I’ve shared the experience and I found that focusing on nothing became quite easy. When something intruded into our thoughts, they automatically vanished, and once again we were focused and centered.

I’ve read a testimonial from a Buddhist Monk who spent years learning to attain higher forms of consciousness. He admitted he was absolutely amazed at these recordings that helped so many get instantly what he’d been working on for years.

So, if you are someone who has had trouble meditating in the past, then this sort of program is for you.

My gift to my readers is this: I will give you links to ALL the major binaural beat programs that are available, including one link to Dr Jeffery Thompson’s site, the only person to have actually studied their effects under strict scientific scrutiny, or randomly controlled trials.

Here is your link to the HoloSync Program. This link is to the best price ever for this program. I know it’s changed, but I don’t know how it’s changed. You might be able to get a sample.


Hemi-Sync® has many, many CDs, from simple meditation to a cat nap, to deeper meditation. There are a few sets, but you can buy the CDs (or MP3s) one at a time. Sometimes while working at the computer, I’ve got the earbuds in, and I listen to a CD that keeps me focused.  This link is to a 20% discount on any of their CDs: Hemi-Sync Program.


Learning Strategies (a great company here in Minnesota) has always published some great programs, and they’ve incorporated binaural beats into their “Paraliminal” recordings.

Learning Strategies has a series of CDs called Euphoria. Check them out by clicking here: Euphoria. This is a large package with advice from some of the top experts in the field of self-empowerment, including Chunyi Lin, my qigong master.

The Paraliminals were special before long before they included binaural beats. (I ordered them long ago and they were very good way back then.) We’ve reviewed their Smoke-Free CD in the past (in our article on Quitting Smoking(I.Link) Others we’ve been privileged to review are: Deep Relaxation, Ten Minute Supercharge, Ideal Weight, and New Behavior Generator.

I’ve been asked by a few readers what makes Paraliminals so special. Let me try to explain.

They are hypnotic. Before the binaural beats were added, I used to listen to them sitting in between my stereo speakers. Dr. Paul R. Scheele is the genius behind these and it’s his voice you hear, first in both ears, and then to the left, and while you hear his voice on the left, he’s telling you something else on your right and at times the voices even cross. The purpose is not to try to figure out what the heck he’s saying but to simply relax and let your unconscious mind absorb. Your mind will hear everything even if your ears are confused. And adding the binaural beats was not only genius, it was expected. I have always loved their work, with a few exceptions, and one day I called them and said, “Hey, you know those Paraliminals you sent me, have you ever thought of putting binaural beats into them?” The response was: “We are doing that right now and you’ll get an email when they’re ready.”

These CDs are so special, they’ve given them their own home: You can view them all there, and you can purchase them, but here’s something special.

Something Special

For three days in February, 2018, you will get to listen to each and every CD there as often as you like. And if you do buy one or two or all of them, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. But you will need a pass!

Free Pass Button

This event begins February 13th, 2018, so click on that and sign up. This is something I highly recommend. If you have stress in your life, here is where it ends. If you have trouble concentrating, here is where it ends. And if you have behaviors you are not happy with, here is where they end.

These are very, very powerful, and I’ve never heard of anyone ever asking for their money back.

Editor’s Note: Three of the links above are our affiliate links. We make a tiny percentage off of your orders. And if you came to visit me, you’d find these CDs in my collection. We like them, we’ve used them, and we have to keep this site up and running so why not help sell them?

Now Back to Dr Thompson

And finally, here is something no one would ever do in a newsletter. I am going to send you to a site of one of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Sorry for repeating myself, but he has not only studied binaural beats in a laboratory along with their effects on individuals, he’s worked with NASA and has studied sounds found in both outer and inner space and how they affect we humans. In other words, all of the above companies that sell their products have created them off of the research of this man. And this guy doesn’t have an affiliate program (and nobody with a newsletter would ever send you to his site because they won’t make a dime off of your visit) but how could we live with ourselves if we only sent you to sites where we get a percentage?

His site is just chock full of information on healing with sound. I have spent hours there reading, and you can look over and buy a lot of his original works:

His recordings not only include binaural beats, but some also contain the sounds he’s researched for years; even the sounds brought back from space by our astronauts. He also sells sound equipment. His site is amazing and worth checking out.


If you are exercising heavily and have to meditate to stop adrenal fatigue, or you suffer from depression, and you have tried to meditate but cannot, or you simply want to experience a state of higher consciousness: I’m sure one of these programs is for you. They’re quite amazing. Using them, I’ve found that when some distraction came into my mind, by the time I acknowledged it, my mind was again still and already back centered.


It has come to our attention that there are certain conditions that could respond negatively to binaural beats: epilepsy and heart problems (irregular heartbeat). Though adverse reactions are exceptionally rare, it would be unethical not to inform you of them. Dr Weil puts it this way:

Adverse events when using binaural beat therapy appear to be extremely rare, but in our litigious times, it’s not surprising that manufacturers seek to protect themselves with such warnings. If you don’t have epilepsy or heart problems there’s probably no need for you to formally consult your physician before playing it, and please don’t drive while listening to your sleep therapy CD.