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Mayonnaise in a pretty jar
Sep 13

MCT Mayo


This mayo is tasty and healthy. The MCT fats do not stick to your fat cells and are burned up as extra energy like carbs without raising your blood sugar.

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Tequila Bottle
Sep 05

Dawn’s Amritam


Amritam is a Hindu Immortality Drink from ancient Indian mythology. Our Margarita (Link Not Working) was originally created to give people an anti-inflammatory option with fewer carbohydrates, but the problem was Triple Sec is full of sugar. Dawn’s Amritam is our very first adult beverage with the best anti-inflammatory and heart healthy ingredients with no sugar whatsoever. Yes, […]

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Aug 30

Chile Rellenos Casserole (Hotdish!)


In Minnesota we call casseroles, hotdish. And this particular hotdish can be made as hot as you want. Now I know especially where I live, people don’t like spicy hot. I have a saying: Minnesota Nice but without the Spice. So, in this recipe have options: the hot sauce you prefer, the peppers, the cheeses […]

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laboratory worker
Aug 25

Testing for Iodine Sufficiency

Nutrition , Therapies

Because we have five or six articles on Iodine, we figured that instead of telling you the methods of testing in all of them that we would just make one page on this subject. Additionally, we’ll give you advice on how to take iodine to maintain sufficiency because there is a lot of BS on […]

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