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Aug 13



The best workout drink on the planet is coconut water. Coconut water will hydrate the blood and replace electrolytes faster than any other solution. [] Of the major electrolytes in the body (listed below) just two of them are not found in coconut water:  chloride and bicarbonate. Please Note: We are a 503(c)(3) educational charity […]

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Jul 01

Chocolate — Low Carb


In another posting we told readers how sweeteners (water soluble) do not dissolve in chocolate (an oil base). But by accident, we’ve discovered a method of “holding” the sweetener in the chocolate. Yes, some will drop out to the bottom of the pan, but enough remains in the chocolate to sweeten it. The only difference […]

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Crudité dip
May 02

Super Salad Dressing (and Dip)


Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible) Please Note: We are a 503(c)(3) educational charity and subsist on donations and affiliate programs. We sell nothing except our publications. All of our affiliate programs come from companies we trust that sell products we’ve used ourselves. Nearly all the products we promote have been tested by our […]

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